Thank you for your inquiry regarding consigning your gun(s) with us.
We are always interested in having them.
Our consignment program provides you with a way of selling your gun,
and offering your gun to a national audience.
When you bring the gun in or when we receive the gun, we will examine it,
determine the market value, and together, establish a selling price.
We need to have the gun for a minimum of 90 days,
since it takes as much as three weeks to add a gun to our advertising;
however, the gun will be listed in our shop immediately.
We list the gun at your selling price. Your net will be 90% of the final selling price.
We will also give you our best estimate of the time required to sell it.
In some cases where guns are becoming obsolete for a specific sport
or have some other unusual nature, they may require a shorter period time to sell.
In any event, this will be discussed with you when we receive your gun.
If you send your gun in, please be sure to include your name, address
and daytime and home phone numbers, with a short note indicating any special circumstances
or discussions we might have had with you on the phone.
Again, many thanks, and we look forward to working with you to sell your gun.